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January 12th, 2015


Winter here in Michigan is long. And cold. And cloudy. But as the holidays have come and gone, the thoughts turns to warmer weather, melting snow, spring flowers, green grass and BASEBALL!
I am a HUGE baseball fan, and an even bigger St Louis Cardinal fan. Yes. St Louis. Its not that I don't like and cheer on the local Tigers, but for as long as I can remember I have enjoyed the playing styles, and maybe the colors of the Cards.
I grew up in this little town playing little league and Pony league baseball for the "Beaver Bees", and our colors were, red and white.
Was that the connection after all of these years? I don't know for sure, but as we play on for our 12th title, I will "Bleed Cardinal red" for another long hot summer rooting on my favorite team for another year.
So, with that thought,
keep your socks high, and your brim curved!

Winter in Michigan

December 16th, 2014

Hello to you, dear reader.
Well, winter is here in Michigan(not officially), and as predicted by farmers, long-time residents, and the Farmers Almanac, we are to be prepared for one of the worst winters in a long, long time.
As I look out my window and see the fury of what winter has to offer, I see grass.
And rain.
And my thermometer reads 51 degrees.
As I look at my GPS on my phone, I see that yes, I am still in Michigan.
Where is the snow? Where is the ice? Where is my lawn mower??
Well, for the time being, I will keep my old winter photos on my site, while waiting for Old Man Winter to arrive for some new fresh photos to post for your enjoyment.
Until then,